Jan. 6 2018Congratulations to past champion and 2017 Hall Of Fame inductee Jeff Suma SS on winning his third SSO Championship by defeating Dave Schumacher in the final match of 256 to 227 taking home the trophy and top prize. Jeff qualified in 10th position with a total of 1326 and an average of 221. Jeff also saved one of his highest game of the day the final match. He advanced to the third round of Eliminations by just 2 pins and then averaged better than 238 for his next 5 games.

Jan. 6 2018 2Congratulations also goes out to Dave Schumacher on his second place finish. Dave received $500.00 for our 2nd place payout. Dave qualified 4th with 1349 for his first six games and averaged better than 225. Dave also advanced by just 1pin to round 4 to make the final 4 bowler to pave his way to the finals.

This month's tournament was held at Thunderbowl Lanes where we requested the USBC White 3 oiling pattern. We would like to thank the management and staff for hosting our tournament this weekend. 

Jan. 6th 2018

We had 82 bowlers in attendance during these record low temperatures. There were 31 super seniors (2 less than last month), 7 super super seniors (3 more than last month) and 2 ladies in attendance with the rest of our seniors. Everyone completed their 6 games of qualifying.

In our Elimination Rounds there were 27 bowlers. We had 6 SS and 1 SSS along with the rest of our seniors. This provided a little better than 1 in 3 cashing ratio for the tournament.

The Tournament average this weekend was 202 (13 pins lower than last month). It took a total of 1270 and an average of 212 or better to make our regular cut line set by SS Edwin Peart.

High Qualifier was Pete Kaczmarczyk with 1460 and an average of 243 after his first 6 games. Pete advanced to the second round before being eliminated.

There were two regular seniors, three super seniors and 1 super, super senior below the cut line that advanced to our Elimination rounds. Mark Lobdell and Ken Wyatt (by 1 pin) were the two regular seniors, Gary Hodge, Jim Magolan and Bob Frink were the SS to advance and Ed Deblock was the high SSS out of the 7 in attendance.

There were 1 300 games in game 6 by our High Qualifier in his 6th qualifying game. Mike McCleskey had 11 in a row with his 299 game in his second game of Eliminations.

The SSO will be providing 4 BONUS tournaments with a wider variety of formats in 2018.

We are proud to have  Ebonite Mail Logo 40 as our major sponsor for 2018

The SSO would like to thank everyone for coming out to compete. The SSO would also like to thank our sponsors; Ebonite Bowling ProductsRed RobinTurbo 2 in 1 Grips and the Hamtramck Singles Classic for their support of our tournaments.

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