news read2013 Grand Finals Pin60The Senior Singles Open is happy to announce the creation of one of our special tournament events known as our "Grand Finals".

This special December tournament will have a $125.00 entry fee and to qualify for this event you must have previously participated in a minimum of 4 of our regular monthly events. Note also that your $25 membership dues must be paid in full to qualify.

Special Tournament Format. 

After the qualifying round, we will place the top 40% into the elimination round. In addition, we will take the highest seniors, super seniors, super super seniors and highest female out of the cut to round out the field to at least 47%.

Check-in time begins at 7:45 A.M.

Bowling begins at 9:00 A.M.

Grand Finals format. - After the usual 6 game qualifying rounds, we will place the top 40% into the elimination round. The highest two Seniors and the three highest Super Seniors below the cut line will also advance. The highest Female out of a minimum of 4 females in attendance will advance. The highest Super Super Senior out of a minimum of 4 in attendance will advance to the Elimination Rounds as well. These numbers are subject to change based on the number of entries.

Grand Finals Elimination Rounds - There will be 4 rounds of eliminations to determine our top 5 Step Ladder finalists. Your 6 game qualifying total, plus the scores from the first 4 rounds of eliminations will be total and sorted to determine the seeding into our top 5 stepladder finalists. Should their be a tie for seeding we will use the highest elimination rounds total. If a tie still exists we will look at the highest game bowled during qualifying rounds to determine the higher seed.

The step ladder finals will be single game eliminations on a single pair of lanes. Ties will be broken with 9th and 10 frame roll-offs. Once match play begins the seeded bowler coming into the next match will get 3 balls per lane before the match begins. The winner from the previous match may use the adjacent warm-up lane.

The Champion and runner up will both receive specially designed ALL CRYSTAL SSO Awards! 

Note also that we will be videotaping the stepladder finals for this special event. So spread the word NOW to make sure everyone knows and has a chance to compete in this special SSO Tournament event.

The 2019 total prize fund was in excess of $20,000.00


The SSO would like to congratulate all those bowlers who have qualified for our 2020 Grand Finals Tournament at this time.

Don't miss out on our 2020 Grand Finals!

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