The SSO is happy to announce the creation of our Hall Of Fame. Visit this page to see what's required to qualify for the SSO Hall Of Fame. This page will be updated as required. There will be three (3) categories, The first will be based on Performance, the second will be based on Meritorious Service and the final category is for our Veterans in the SSO organization.

Plaza Lanes will host our HOF Plaques. One plaque will be presented to the recipient and one will be shown in our HOF display at Plaza Lanes. 

The Senior Singles Open Hall of Fame was established in 2015 to recognize and honor those individuals who have achieved outstanding success in bowling performance, and those who have made a significant contribution to the SSO making the participation in SSO tournaments the most pleasant and enjoyable experience possible. 


All nominations shall be considered annually by the Board of Directors. The decision of the Board shall be final and all nominators will be notified accordingly. An induction ceremony will be held once per year, when possible.


There are three (3) categories for nominations at this time

  1. Performance
  2. Meritorious Services
  3. Veterans


1. In the Performance category you must have;

  • participated in the SSO for at least 5 years,
  • have bowled in at least 40 tournaments,
  • have at least one (1) title,
  • have obtained at least 60 points based on the BOTY point system.

2. In the Meritorious Service category individual bowlers, officials, organizers, administrators, etc. who have made a significant contribution to the development and advancement of the SSO's high quality tournament experience are eligible for election.

  • These individuals will require at least 5 years of service to qualify.

3. In the Veterans category individual bowlers must have;

  • participated in the SSO for at least 7 years,


The SSO is always open to nominations from anyone in or outside our current 3 categories. If there is an individual you feel merits election to the Hall Of Fame, please do not hesitate to submit their name and a brief description why they should be elected. 

Congratulations to all the Senior Singles Open Hall Of Fame Inductees (in no particular order

2015 Performance: Mike Chapman, Gerald Johnson, Larry Walker and Ken Wyatt.

2016 Meritorious Service: Lew Ansara.

2017 Performance: Frank Camilleri, Jeff Suma, Mike Lee, and Mitch Jabczenski,

2018 Performance: Dan Mayer, Ed Austreng, Eddie Mintz, Jim Lauricella, John Chapman, Mike Calvin and Pete Kaczmarczyk.

2019 Performance: Ron Burgess, Keith Caldwell and Rick Wayne.

2020 Performance: Aaron Staples, Dave Schumacher, Dale Strike, Edwin Peart, Joe Krajenke, Larry Franz, Mike Lucente and Steve Jakubowski.

2021 Performance: Bill Essman,  Brad Gray, Gary Schluchter and Troy Stus.

2022 Performance: Dave Tulak and Glenn Pilon.

2023 Performance: Jeff Kendall, Mike Snow, Tony Stipcak, David Eatmon, Bob Edwards and Mike Kereluk.

2023 Meritorious Service: Ed DeBlock, Todd Cullen.

Click on Ed's name above to view and hear his HOF speech.