news readLast modified Sept. 21, 2022

Below are the Senior Singles Open rules currently in effect. As time goes on we may update these rules as required so check back here often. If you have any question regarding these rules please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that these rules are subject to change without notice.

1. Tournament description. This tournament is a scratch event, sanctioned and certified by the USBC.

2. Age Requirements. You must be at least 50 years of age for males and 40 years old for females. Men under the age of 65 with a regular PBA National title may not bowl. Men 65 and older with less than a combined total of 10 PBA National and PBA50 National titles are eligible to bowl.

Women under the age of 55 with a regular WPBA National title may not bowl. Women 55 and older with less than 10 WPBA National titles are eligible to bowl.

3. Fees. The entry fee is $100 for regular tournaments and $125 for the December Grand Finals. $5.00 from every entry goes towards the Grand Finals Prize fund. A $25 annual membership fee will be collected and 100% of this membership fee will go into our prize fund for the Grand Finals.

4.Grand Final Qualifications. To qualify for the December Grand Finals you must have bowled in at least 4 events and have your membership dues paid up in full.

5. Check-in. Check-in time starts at 9:00 A.M. We will allow late entries up to starting time. Bowlers wanting to bowl together on the same pair must contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view noon on the Friday before the tournament date. Starting lane assignments will be drawn at the time of entry. Bowling begins at 10 A.M. unless noted otherwise on our Tournament Schedule page. 15 minutes of practice will be provided where you'll be allowed to practice on any of our available lanes.

6. Regular Format. - This consists of a 6 game qualifying rounds bowled on 6 different pairs of lanes. All ties at any time during the tournament will be broken by one or more 9th and 10th frame roll-offs unless noted otherwise in Rule 10, until a winner emerges. 1 in 4 will advance to the Elimination Rounds.

7.  Survival Elimination - Exceptions to Rule 6. – Once the Main Elimination Round cut is established, additional bowlers outside of the Main Elimination Round cut will be added to the elimination round by Group:

Group 1: Senior Division (S) (50-59)
Two additional bowlers will advance to the Elimination Rounds in this group ONLY if their 6-game qualify score is higher than all other groups (SS, SSS, W).

Group 2: Super Senior Division (SS) (60-69)
A minimum of 1 in 6 Super Seniors (SS) will advance to the Elimination Rounds.

Exception: Super Senior (SS) scores tied or lower than one or more bowlers from the SSS or W (if 2 or less Women are in the field) divisions (ties will be broken as noted in Rule #6).

Example: 24 SS’s in the field – an additional 4 bowlers will make the Elimination Round. If a SSS or W(if less than 2 in the field) score is higher than one or more SS score, the SSS or W bowler will make the Elimination Round.

Group 3: Super Super Senior Division (SSS) (70 and over)
A minimum of 1 in 4 Super Super Seniors (SSS) will advance to the Elimination Rounds.

When 4 or more are in attendance the highest bowler out of the regular cut will advance to the Elimination Rounds. There remaining bowlers can make the cut with a higher score than any one of the SS scores as described in Group 2 above.

Group 4: Women Division (W)
A minimum of 1 in 3 Women (W) will advance to the Elimination Rounds. If 3 or more Women (W) are in the field, they can only qualify as a Woman (W).

If 2 or less women are bowling, they are entered as a S, SS or SSS depending on their age (S = 40-49, SS = 50-59, SSS =60+) and the above scenarios for S, SS and SSS apply.

Note. All positions will be determined by the final scores after all required tie breakers have been decided.

8. Regular Elimination Rounds. - There will be 5 rounds of eliminations including the Championship match. The lowest scores for each round will be dropped until 2 bowlers remain for a head to head Championship Match. The number of lowest scores for each round will be determined based on the size of the field and will be announced prior to the start of eliminations.

Excluded from this format is the Match Game event – this event will be decided by head to head one game match between opponents until a winner is decided. The number of bowlers to make the cut will depend on the number of entries.

9. Grand Finals format. - After the usual 6 game qualifying rounds, we will place the top 40% into the elimination round. In addition, we will apply our Survival Elimination exceptions (rule 7 above). 

10. Grand Finals Elimination Rounds - There will be 4 rounds of eliminations to determine our top 5 Step Ladder finalists. Your 6 game qualifying total, plus the scores from the first 4 rounds of eliminations will be total and sorted to determine the seeding into our top 5 stepladder finalists. Should their be a tie for seeding we will use the highest elimination rounds total. If a tie still exists we will look at the highest game bowled during qualifying rounds to determine the higher seed.

The step ladder finals will be single game eliminations on a single pair of lanes. Once match play begins the seeded bowler coming into the next match will get 3 balls per lane before the match begins. The winner from the previous match may use the adjacent warm-up lane.

11. Scoring changes. There are no scoring changes allowed without a Tournament Director or a bowling staff member being present.

12. Re-racks. There will be 2 re-racks allowed per game. Any further re-racks will need to be approved by a Tournament Director.

13Scorecards. Everyone is responsible for filling out their own scorecard and returning it to the tournament office at the completion of bowling. Any incorrect scorecard could result in a disqualification. Each game needs to be verified by another bowler that is on the same pair.

14. Dress code. Competitors may wear dress slack, capris, shorts, skirts or skorts. Length of skirt, skorts or shorts must be below the bowler's fingertips when they are standing, and their arms are hanging down at their side. No denim or patch pockets are permitted. No hats are allowed during competition. A shirt with your name on the back is preferred, however, not mandatory.

The bowler's clothing shall be neat, appropriate, and clean and the bowler shall present a neat appearance in both clothing and personal grooming. All bowlers must be in acceptable attire when they are in the tournament bowling center, except when bringing in or removing equipment prior to the start of the tournament and at its conclusion. Blue jeans or sweatpants are not permitted except during loading and unloading of equipment. All tournament bowlers must be prepared to be photographed or interviewed on camera at any time during the tournament, including practice sessions. The Tournament Director shall have discretion to approve or reject questionable apparel.

15Cheating.  Anyone that is caught cheating in any manner will be automatically disqualified and be subject to suspension from the USBC.

16. Equipment and accessories. Any bowling equipment or accessories must be approved by the USBC. No bowling ball can be used before the release date to the public.

17Conduct - All participants are expected to behave in a professional manner. We will not tolerate behavior causing property damage of any kind. Should an offense occur in the judgement of others a fine, suspension and restitution to the bowling center may happen.

18. Rule interpretations. Any rules not covered by these by-laws will be governed by USBC rules. The Tournament Executive Director will have the final say on all disputes and interpretations of our Tournament Rules.