did you knowIf you happen to be a bowler wondering if the SSO Tournaments are right for you, then you need to keep reading. Clearly we're the best deal in town. Here's why...

We're a non-profit organization providing full disclosure to our members and dedicated to providing the best overall tournament experience to be had anywhere in town. What this means is that it is not possible to find a better value for your membership dues and entry fees.


Do the math! Go ahead and calculate our total tournament prize fund based on entries and compare this percentage against any other tournament in existence. We will always be the best deal in town!

Below is a list of things that the SSO does not and will not ever charge our bowlers for.

  • setting up centers for the following year.
  • selecting dates for tournaments.
  • bowling towels.
  • talking with sponsors.
  • securing reports for tax purposes.
  • obtaining 1099 program for each year.
  • mailing and postage.
  • CPA appointments and tax filing.
  • accounting services.
  • ordering and picking up of score sheets.
  • ordering checks and the use of checks .
  • ordering and picking up entry forms.
  • making calls to sponsors.
  • entering checks into the computer.
  • making deposits.
  • auto services, mileage and gas.
  • sending USBC a financial statement. 
  • writing news articles and update the website.
  • communicating with the local USBC.
  • writing a newsletter.
  • proof reading a newsletter.
  • having newsletters picked up.
  • mailing out newsletters.
  • printing mailing labels for newsletters.
  • staples. 
  • paper or paper fees.
  • ink cartridges.
  • going to the post office to mail newsletters.
  • mailing labels.
  • ordering banners and picking up banners.
  • delivering banners and hanging up banners.
  • ordering trophies.
  • hall of fame displays.
  • picking up trophies and delivering trophies.
  • hall of fame trophies.
  • rookie of the year trophies.
  • bowler of the year trophies.
  • tracking rookie and bowler of the year.
  • posting rookie and bowler of the year points on the website.
  • tracking Holiday Classic standings for December.
  • making out bowling sheets for tournaments.
  • selecting alleys for qualifying and finals.
  • writing checks for tournaments.
  • "Misc. Supplies".
  • obtaining dates for future tournaments.
  • sending e-mails regarding tournament reminders.
  • a banquet.
  • taxes.


 SSO Grand Finals

100% of the $20 annual entry fee combined with our additional sponsor money goes into the Grand Finals Prize Fund. In 2014 this was over $4000.00. Our Grand Finals will have over $4,000.00 in additional prize funds. Also in 2014 there was $1600.00 for first place based on only 43 entries.


 Grand Finals Qualifications

We require only that you bowl 4 tournaments throughout the regular season to qualify for our December Grand Finals. There are no stipulations that you have to bowl any summer events.

 Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors; Red RobinBudweiser and Turbo Grips contribute each and every month for the benefit of our membership.

  Female Bowlers Welcome!

We now allow and encourage our better female bowlers to compete with us. Women 40 years and over may compete and will have special incentives to be part of our elimination qualifier rounds. With 5 or more females competing the top female bowler out of the cut will be seeded into the finals. Women are subject to the same PBA rules to qualify to bowl.

 Tournament format!

group meeting puzzleEveryone has a better chance to win and cash. Our specially designed elimination format provides additional opportunities for our Seniors, Super Seniors and Female contestants to make it into the finals.

We use an elimination format so we don't loose half the field after each game. Only the lower scores of the group are eliminated. This again provides more chances to win for everyone.

One highest Senior out of the cut, the highest Female (based on 5 or more participants) out of the cut and the two highest Super Seniors out of the cut will advance to the final elimination rounds. Again this also provides everyone additional opportunities to win the tournament.

 Tournament progress results!

We provide a computer monitor display to all of our contestants which is updated in real time. You'll always know what the scoring pace is, what the current standings look like on a game by game basis. We include announcements on the PA system and standing sheets distributed on the lanes on a regular basis.

 checkered flagFast results! 

By joining our mailing list you will be informed about the final match winner and runner up for each tournament on the SAME DAY of the tournament within a few hours of the last ball thrown. Complete results will follow shortly there after. We will keep you informed throughout the process of our website updates.