one stood out3To all members, Directors and supporters of the SSO, December 5, 2016

The SSO for 2016 set new records for attendance, averaging over 80 entries per event. Not bad considering we began this tournament well short of 40 entries. We have grown in size and stature to become not only Michigan’s premier senior tournament, but also one of the best in America. I can only thank all of you that have participated, helped promote, and come out to root for your favorite bowlers. Without all of you this would be just an average tournament.

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old and newOverUnder50What's an Over/Under 50 Tournament?

Well first off its a regular scratch doubles tournament open to both men and women. Bowlers are paired up with one being a senior while the other bowler is considered a regular bowler. Men 50 years of age and over and women 40 years of age and over are considered seniors. Men below 50 and women below 40 are considered regular bowlers. Any senior and regular bowler may pair up as well as any two seniors or super senior combinations may also pair up and be considered as a legal team.

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receiving trophyWhat's a "Non Champions Tournament"? I'm glad you asked that question. There's a hint in the title. Basically it has the potential of being one of our most popular tournaments to attend. It's one of our Bonus Tournaments where the rules of eligibilaty have changed.

Everything else about this tournament will be the same. The entry fees are all the same. The great prize fund is all the same. The qualifying and elimination rounds are all the same.

The rules are simple;  

  • If you have previously won an SSO Tournament of any kind you do not qualify to bowl in this event.
  • If your name is anywhere on this page, you can't bowl in this event.
  • If you won one of our SSO top prizes, you can't participate in this event.
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Oil PatternSome of the more common questions we get asked all the time is "what's the shot going to be for the tournament" or "when are we going to get (fill in the blank) lane condition to bowl on" or words to that effect.

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