If there were a Gold Medal to be awarded in this Olympic month it would have to go to Gerald Johnson for winning this months SSO Tournament. Gerald qualified 4th to enter the finals and took it all the way defeating our Silver Medal winner, Mike Lee, in a 249 to 236 final match. Mike Lee qualified in 8th position.

Ron Eisenbeis SS was our high qualifier with 1417 for 6 games. Eddie Mintz, Doug Spicer, Gerald Johnson and Harley Tumbull SS finished our top 5.

There were two 300 games for the tournament, one coming from our winner to start out his qualifying rounds and the other by Doug Spicer in the second game. There were no 800 series.

Our Super Seniors once again provide about 1/3 rd of the qualifying field.

The Senior Singles Open would also like to thank our sponsors; Red Robin, Ebonite and Turbo Grips for the support of our tournaments.

 Aug 2012