Dec. 3rd. Grand Finals 1Congratulations to HOF'r Ken Wyatt for winning this years SSO Grand Finals by defeating Keith Caldwell  234 to 193. Ken took home the first place trophy and the top prize fund of $1800. Wyatt sat out the first match then defeated Troy Stus and John Shreve Jr. to move on to the final match. Ken qualified in 8th for his first 6 games with a 238 average, including a 300 game in game 6. Wyatt picked up 10 points for his BOTY total.

Dec. 3rd. Grand Finals 2We would also like to congratulate Keith Caldwell on his second place finish, this time taking home the $1400 prize and the second place trophy. Keith qualified in 7th for his first 6 games with an average of 240 and total pin fall of 1442.

This year we had $6500 in prize funds for the top five finalists. 

Gerald JohnsonAlso being our final tournament we would like to congratulate Gerald Johnson once again on winning this years SSO Bowler Of The Year.  Gerald obtained 77 points for his highest in one season. This is now Gerald's 9th win in the 11 years we've been keeping track. Great achievement Gerald!

This month's Grand Finals Tournament was held at Astro Lanes. We would like to thank the management and staff for hosting our tournament this weekend. 


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We had 84 bowlers in attendance this month. There were 35 super seniors, 8 super seniors and 3 female with the rest of our seniors. This provided a little better than 1 in 3 cashing ratio for the tournament.

Keith Caldwell emerged as the overall High Qualifier with the combined total of 2362 to determine the order of our stepladder finals.

There were five perfect 300 games, one each by Dale Hoffmeister, Ken Wyatt, Eddie Mintz, Marty Sanders and John Shreve Jr.

There was one 299 by Todd Sim, a 298 by Carl Harden and a 297 by Rick Wayne.

We also had two 290 games, one from Glen Pilon and the other by Larry Wilson

We are proud to have  Ebonite Mail Logo 40 as our major sponsor for 2023

The SSO would like to thank everyone for coming out to compete. The SSO would also like to thank our staff and our sponsors; Ebonite Bowling Products, Red Robin, Beyond Boarders, Turbo 2 in 1 GripsHamtramck Singles Classic,  A.M. Total Being Fitness and Dilaura Brothers Bowling Supply for their support of our tournaments.


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