June 23 2018 1Congratulations to Mike Calvin on winning his fourth SSO Championship by defeating last month's champion, Gary Schluchter in the final match 190 to 179 taking home the top prize of $800.00 and the trophy. Mike qualified 17th with an average of 191 and total pin fall of 1144 to make it into the Elimination rounds by being the highest senior below the cut line. 

June 23 2018 2Congratulations also goes out to Gary on his second place finish. Schluchter received $700.00 for our 2nd place payout and qualified 8th around the middle of our 14 qualifiers with an average of 198 and 1190 total pin fall for his first six games. It's interesting to compare this to last month where he averaged 241 including a 300 game. Funny what a little oil in all the wrong places can do to determine your fate.

This month's tournament was held at Town and Country Lanes where we requested the USBC Blue 3 pattern. We would like to thank the management and staff for hosting our tournament this weekend.

 June 23 2018

This month's tournament average of 180 was one of our lowest ever, just 4 pins higher than our all time low of 176 from our Cheetah pattern request at Astro in Sept 2015. Both times we experienced a severe "out of bounds" situation. Last month's tournament average, for example, was 211 and required a 223 average to make the cut.

We had 55 bowlers in attendance. There were 24 super seniors and 5 super super seniors with the rest of our seniors. 

We also had 20 bowlers in our Elimination Rounds, 6 SS and 1 SSS along with the rest of our seniors. This provided a little better than 1 in 3 cashing ratio for the tournament.

It took a total of 1152 and an average of 192 or better to make our regular cut line set by Dave Dunphy. High Qualifier was Bill Kazmierski with 1229 total pin fall with an average of 205 after his first 6 games. There were two regular seniors, three super seniors and one super, super senior below the cut line that advanced to our Elimination rounds.

There was no honor scores with 254 being our highest game for the day.

The SSO will be providing 4 BONUS tournaments with a wider variety of formats in 2018. Check our current schedule for details.

We are proud to have  Ebonite Mail Logo 40 as our major sponsor for 2018

The SSO would like to thank everyone for coming out to compete. The SSO would also like to thank our sponsors; Ebonite Bowling Products, Red Robin, Turbo 2 in 1 Grips and the Hamtramck Singles Classic for their support of our tournaments. We welcome your comments. To add your comments below any news article, simply log in at the top of the Web Site Home page or register now to create an account. Then go to the bottom of this article to post your comments. It's easy! Just follow the prompts.