Jan. 5th 2019Congratulations to Rick Wayne on his third SSO Championship by defeating Carl Kinyon in the final match 242 to 227 taking home the trophy, getting 10 points towards BOTY and the $1100 top prize. Rick qualified 6th with 1436 total pinfall and an average of 239 for his first 6 games. Wayne advance to the final with a 269 in round 1, a 225 in round (5 pins above the cut line), a 226 in round 3 and a 245 in round 4 to make the final match.

Jan. 5th 2019 2Congratulations also goes out to Carl Kinyon on his second, SSO Tournament second place finish, winning our second place prize of $550 and picking up 8 points towards BOTY. Kinyon qualified 11th averaging 231 with a total of 1388 at the end of his first 6 games. Carl advanced to round 2 by just 5 pins, advanced to round 3 with a 223 tieing Tony Stipcak and then shooting a 255 to advance to the final match.

This month's tournament was held at Thunderbowl Lanes where we requested the Kegel Mainstreet pattern. We would like to thank the management and staff for hosting our tournament this weekend. 

New for 2019, we'll be showing the BOTY points column for every finalist in every article. This will help you track your own results is you wish to do so.

Jan. 5th. 2019

The tournament average was 212, 5 pins higher than our last tournament.

High Qualifier was HOF'er Gerald Johnson  with 1524 total pins and an average of 254 after his first 6 games. Unfortunately Gerald didn't make it past round 1 saving his low game of the day of 207. 

It took a total of 1339 and an average of 223 or better to make our regular cut line set by Jim Maglan.

We had 80 bowlers in attendance this month. There were 26 super seniors, 5 super super seniors and 3 female bowler with the rest of our seniors. 

We also had 26 bowlers in our Elimination Rounds, 10 SS and  3 SSS along with the rest of our seniors. This provided a little better than 1 in 3 cashing ratio for the tournament.

There were two 300 games, one by Mike McCleskeyour during qualifying and one by Pete Minaudo in game 2 of Eliminations.  We also saw a 299 in game 2 of qualifying and a 290 by Mike Snow in his third game of qualifying.

We are proud to have  Ebonite Mail Logo 40 as our major sponsor for 2018

The SSO would like to thank everyone for coming out to compete. The SSO would also like to thank our sponsors; Ebonite Bowling Products, Red Robin, Turbo 2 in 1 Grips and the Hamtramck Singles Classic for their support of our tournaments.


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